Dollar Ministy at Trinity

posted Oct 9, 2013, 10:02 AM by Pat Esker   [ updated Dec 3, 2013, 12:58 PM ]
These last couple of weeks as pastor of Trinity I have been the beneficiary of an amazing experience.  Two weeks ago during my sermon the congregational members each received a dollar.  I asked them to read what was written on the back: In God We Trust.  I asked them to do that very thing and to take that dollar and at some point in the coming week to spend it on behalf of another person.  They could do it however they wanted, but it needed to benefit another and the only thing I asked in return was that that they take a minute and either email me or drop me a note about their experience and what they did.  Well, since that time I have heard amazing stories!!  The people of Trinity reached out to others in incredible ways.  The thing is we as a congregation did not solve the ills of the world.  Poverty still exists, homelessness is still a terrifying reality to many, people are still suffering.  Yet, even in the midst of governmental shut downs, economic trouble, natural disasters, violence and abuse, the people offered those who received the product of their dollar a moment of hope.  They were reassured that even in the midst of despair there are people who care about them.  For that short moment in time the people of Trinity were the face of God to those who desperately needed to know about God's love for them.  What a gift to those who received the dollar...what a gift to those who reached-out to give that dollar...what a gift to me to be able to read and hear such amazing stories of such profound ministry!