An Experiment Worth Doing Again!

posted Mar 3, 2015, 8:35 AM by Pat Esker
Last Friday, Trinity Staff stepped out of their comfort zones and offered a unique Christian education event for our adults.  It was entitled: What Would Jesus Drink: An Exploration of Ancient Foods and Wine.  One of our staff members was gracious enough to offer her home for the event.  The hope was that if there was a less formal format in a more social setting, people would be willing to participate.  And they did!  We had a wonderful time and a lot of interesting information was shared with members including: what happened at the Wedding at Cana, influences of the geographical location of Jerusalem and how that influenced the daily life of people during Jesus' time--including what they ate and drank, as well as descriptions of food and drink items that Jesus and ancient people would have consumed.  In a word, it was a fabulous event.  In the end I think all of us learned an important lesson.  We now understand that "learning" doesn't always need to be in a classroom setting.  Learning can be creative and fun. Learning about Jesus and the world Jesus inhabited doesn't need to be intimidating and learning that kind of information is really helpful when we engage in thinking about scripture texts.  It gives us some insight we may not have been otherwise aware of and influences how we interpret significant scripture texts such as The Wedding at Cana found in the Gospel of John Chapter 2.
So, will we do something like this again?  I think so!!  We received a lot of really positive feedback from people and our prayer is that with each event, more and more people will participate and engage in this unique learning opportunity.